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The PBS Television Special for Valentine's 2003

"Lasting Love" is a one hour documentary debuting on PBS that looks at the "secrets" of creating a loving, lasting relationship. This is a show not only about love, it's about hope.

Love is an enduring mystery to the human race. We don't seem to know where is comes from, when it will strike, who it will attract us to and if it will last. Statistically, marriages in America have over a 65% chance of failure.

The upside is that true love will probably happen to most of us.
The downside is that love does not guarantee a relationship's longevity.

So why do we keep plunging in and trying to grab the brass ring of love? What can we do to make the love we have work? What can we do to help it succeed the next time around? What if we could tap into the "secrets" to relationship longevity from some of the people who have made it work.

Lasting Love profiles nine real-life couples that have been together for more than twenty-five years. They tell us the story of how they met and what their secrets are to a successful, long-term, loving relationship.

Expert Advise

Joining our couples will be renown marriage and relationship expert and best selling author- Dr. John Gottman. Gottman has revolutionized the study of marriage by using rigorous scientific procedures to observe the habits of married couples in unprecedented detail over many years. He is the professor of psychology at the University of Washington and cofounder and codirector of The Gottman Institute (

Our expert advise is further supported by interviews with our most candid observers - children. Their commentary offers a level of insight that takes most of us years of therapy to realize.

What "Last Love" discovers is that from birth to death, love is not just the focus of human experience. Love is the life force of the mind, determining our moods, stabilizing our bodily rhythms, and changing the structure of our brains. Given a chance and some help from the experts, love can help us discover the very best of ourselves and each other. Perhaps there is hope after all.

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